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Why buy RC Freeze Freeze-Dried products?

Our family found ourselves throwing away food when we try to eat healthily and were looking for a way to make food last longer while still maintaining most of its nutritional value.  Listed below are a few reasons why we are bringing these products to you.


Shelf Life

Lasts up to 25 years if stored correctly.  Dehydrated, canned, and frozen food will only last a few years at most.

Gummy Bears


Flavors are stronger and more pronounced after going through the freeze-drying process.  Easy to reconstitute with water to bring most items back to a pre-dried state.

Fresh-squeezed juice


Freeze-drying maintains around 97% of the food's original nutritional value, whereas canning and dehydrating maintain approximately 40% and 60%.

Image by Tim Mossholder

Support Local Business

After the events of  2020 when many small businesses were closed but the larger stores were allowed to remain open; it has become more important than ever to support local communities that thrive on small businesses.

Piggy Bank


Our goal is to try and bring these products cheaper to you than the larger stores with no added ingredients.

Illustrated Food Tucks


The current demands of modern day society leaves little time for eating healthy or time for fun.  Our products are aimed to free up some of your time to enjoy it with others.

RC Freeze is a veteran owned and family founded business that specializes in selling freeze-dried products.  We are a family of five from Bedford, Indiana who have started this business.  Our goal is to bring freeze-dried fruit, candy, and desserts to our customers and to bring a quality product to all.

Like many families, we have re-evaluated how we live our lives and most importantly the food we put in our bodies.  Trying to eat healthily can be difficult when you are always on the run and you cannot always take healthy food with you.  With freeze-dried fruit, you can take healthy snacks with you on road trips, to the ball field, in your lunch box for work/school, and easily feed snacks to your little ones as the freeze-drying process removes the moisture from the product to help in preventing spoilage.  On top of providing healthy snacks, everyone loves having a special treat every now and then and our freeze dried candy and desserts are sure to fill your sweet tooth.

Our online store has become synonymous with quality, and we ensure a continuous variety of fantastic merchandise that fits any budget. Check it out and start shopping today.

God Bless!


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