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Delivering top-notch freeze-dried products, including fruits, candies, and desserts, to our cherished customers.

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Why buy RC Freeze Freeze-Dried products?

Our family found ourselves throwing away food when we try to eat healthily and were looking for a way to make food last longer while still maintaining most of its nutritional value. We also enjoy bringing freeze dried candy and desserts to fulfill your sweet tooth as well. Listed below are a few reasons why we are bringing these products to you. 

Shelf Life

Lasts up to 25 years if stored correctly. 


Freeze-drying maintains around 97% of the food's original nutritional value,

Local Business

Now, more than ever, supporting thriving local communities means supporting small businesses.

Fresh-squeezed juice
Image by Tim Mossholder
Piggy Bank
Gummy Bears
Illustrated Food Tucks


Our goal is to bring cheaper products to you.


Flavors are stronger after going through the

freeze-drying process.


Our products are aimed to free up some of your time to enjoy it with others.

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